Safari – Windows Version – the good, the bad and the ugly

Apple is now looking for a wider audience. Its advertising says so and iTunes with 500 million users on Windows proved the logic. Yesterday, Apple launched Safari3 with a version for Windows. It claims to be atleast twice faster than IE and 40% faster than Firefox. It sure is fast. it also looks and feels good. Good

But crashes and security concerns have been reported. It also disables the aero interface in Vista. Bad Well its in beta and seems to have been rush-launched for Jobs WWDC Keynote. So these should be fixed soon.

And the font rendering takes some getting used to. Ugly? Not exactly. Apple and Microsoft seem to follow different font rendering philosophies. You actually appreciate Apple’s rendering after you use Safari for some time.


Firefox gives me features and plugins and none will be able to match that.

Sheer speed makes me choose Safari over IE as a second browser.